Absolutely Terrible: Modeling Agencies Are Stalking Eating Disorder Clinics For New Models Now

Because skinny is more important than healthy, some modeling scouts in Sweden have taken to hanging around outside of eating disorder clinics to find new models. Yes, I’ll say that again: modeling scouts are approaching girls — some of them too weak to stand — at the Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders and offering them modeling contracts. Dr. Anna-Maria af Sandeberg, who helps run the clinic, said the scouts are “repugnant” and send the “wrong signals when the girls are being treated for eating disorders.”

Sandberg became so concerned about the scouts’ intrusion of the scouts that she changed the patients’ outdoor privileges so they couldn’t be spotted by outsiders. According to the clinic, the last such incident happened around a year ago. This trend is disturbing for a number of reasons — one, because it reinforces the notion of super-skinny, emaciated models in fashion. And two, because these modeling agencies so clearly violated the healing process of eating disorder victims. A woman battling anorexia or bulimia who is told that her sick body can help sell clothes is being given the worst¬†message ever. It’s a message that reinforces the idea that thin is ideal, and that any amount of physical and emotional sacrifice is worth it to achieve that.

So shame on these talent scouts for perpetuating such negative ideals on women and girls who are working to heal. [Daily Mail]

[Scale photo from Shutterstock]