Your Daily Reminder That Men Are Capable Of Being Truly Terrible

I am in the midst of an apartment search right now. It is annoying, frustrating, and anxiety-producing, but it is just Something That Must Happen. Somewhat more exasperating than just looking for an apartment is the fact that I am also seeking a roommate situation, which has led me to where else but that great cesspool of all things terrible and soul-crushing, Craigslist. Just how soul-crushing could it possibly be?, you inquire, doubting my integrity and ability to separate Truly Bad Things from Simply Irritating Ones because I am a young and very sensitive woman inclined to hyperbole and melodrama. Here, I present to you an actual post I was led to by my innocent hunt for a suitable (female) housemate. I would now like to wash my hands, and then maybe sew up my vagina. Inquire within! [Craigslist]

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