Donald Trump’s 7-Year-Old Son Wears Caviar Moisturizer

  • Donald Trump’s 46th wife Melania Trump smothers her caviar anti-aging moisturizer on their seven-year-old son, Barron. Just in case you wanted confirmation the rich are different from you and I. [Glamour]
  • Selena Gomez is being criticized by Hindu groups for performing in a bindi at the MTV Movie Awards. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Burgeoning pornographic actress Farrah Abraham from “Teen Mom” allegedly tried to recruit actor Carson Underwood to be her “boyfriend” so they could share faux-lationship problems with the world on VH1’s “Couples Therapy.” [Starcrush]
  • Clothes with fake boobs in them are apparently a thing? Please, please don’t. []
  • Wendy Williams is joining the cast of “Chicago” on Broadway as Matron Mama Morton this summer. No idea she could sing. [ONTD]
  • Designer Tory Burch is launching her own fragrance. It smells like lacrosse sticks and daddy’s credit card. [Racked]
  • Everything you need to know about dying your hair red. Proceed with caution. [Fashionista]
  • Here’s “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack sampler that I know you want to hear. [BlackBook Mag]

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[Photo: Splash News]