Adele Is No Lena Dunham, Turns Down $$$ Memoir Offer

  • Adele has apparently turned down a seven-figure memoir deal. I have an idea Adele. You’re obviously a busy lady and are hesitant to take on another project. I understand! How about ghostwrite your memoir and we split the seven figures? No? How about 70/30 and I will throw in some free babysitting too? Have your people call my people (Lucca) and let’s talk. [The Gloss]
  • Stevie Nicks apparently thinks Reese Witherspoon is getting too old to ever play her in a biopic. [The Stir]
  • Between Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer’s hotness kind of got overlooked in last year’s hunkfest, “Magic Mike.” These 23 GIFs give him the appreciation he deserves. [Socialite Life]
  • Jennifer Aniston has medicinal hickeys on her back. Gwyneth Paltrow is, like, been there, done that. []
  • Jada Pinkett Smith, who cannot stop talking about the particulars of her marriage to Will Smith, has clarified that both of them get to do what they want. [Celeb Dirty Laundry]
  • Hear two previously unreleased Ke$ha tracks, if you hate your ears. [Pop Crush]