Sexy Shoe Shines: Because Everything Has To Be Sexy Now

Men! Why get a shoe shine when you can get a seXXXy shoe shine? That seems to be the theory behind Star Shine NYC, a new New York City shoe shine shop in the Financial District. At the “Hooters” of shoe shines, as some have called it, for $7, a buxom woman in shorts and a tank top will lean over your shoes as she wipes off the dog doo and polishes them until you can see the reflection of underboob. That won’t appeal to creepy dudes or anything! “It helps that they are very pretty,” a man told DNA Info, refusing to give his name. (I wonder why!) “But the prices are a little high if you don’t get the discount.”

Star Shine NYC is also going to appear at corporate events and parties, a la “booth babes.” While I do think it’s sexist to have a shoe shine business that only employs scantily clad women, mostly I think it’s just ridiculous and gross. Unfortunately, that will probably appeal to Wall Street dudes especially.

[Star Shine NY]

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