Boston Marathon Bombing: Sports Illustrated Pays Tribute & More On The Ongoing Investigation

  • The cover of Sports Illustrated pays tribute to the first responders at yesterday’s marathon. [Mashable]
  • Based on the average completion time of last year’s Boston Marathon runners, there’s reason to suspect that the bomber behind yesterday’s attack “wanted the blast to happen when an exceptionally high volume of people would be massed near the finish line.” [Slate]
  • Updated injury information: 183 injured, 23 critically. At least nine of those injured are children. [CNN]
  • All of the critical victims were spectators not participants in the race. [The Daily Beast]
  • More about Krystle Campbell, the second identified victim who lost her life yesterday. [Fox News]
  • Some of the more wildly circulated “facts” about the bombing that are actually wrong. [Mother Jones]
  • A renowned counterterrorism expert on how the Feds will investigate this case. [Salon]
  • These soldiers did the Boston Marathon wearing 40 lb. packs — then they saved lives. [Mother Jones]
  • On the significance of this attack being labeled “an act of terrorism.” [Wall Street Journal]
  • Some resources for parents who are looking for help explaining this tragedy to their children. [Sesame Street]
  • A brief history of the “pressure cooker bomb.” [Breitbart]
  • The Westboro Baptist Church will picket the victims’ funerals, because they are inhumane disgusting creatures. [Newser]
  • And Anonymous ain’t standin’ for that. [Huffington Post]
  • On why we should “keep calm and carry on.” [The Atlantic]
  • And 10 touching acts of kindness witnessed after yesterday’s attack. [Mashable]

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