Boston Marathon Attacks Can’t Stop Me From Running The Race Next Year

The Stir | April 16, 2013 - 12:50 pm

Yesterday’s horrific Boston Marathon bombing appears to be an act of terror. Though the motive and the suspects are still elusive a scant 24 hours later, it’s safe to say that the reverberations from the attack are being felt around the country where fear, horror, and yes, terror are all around.

The attack took a sporting event known around the country for its tough qualifying times, jovial crowds, and “heartbreaking” hills and turned it into a crime scene. As an athlete, a Bostonian (now and forever), and a marathon runner who missed qualifying for Boston by eight minutes two years ago, this attack was deeply painful and personal. As the good friend to a woman who DID qualifyand for whom I would have been cheering at the finish had she not been sidelined by an injury, I can say this doesn’t just feel close to home. This is home. Read more on The Stir…