Woman Accused Of Using Quiche As A Weapon

This was the week of the weird assault weapon. First, Hugh Jackman’s stalker attacked him with pubic hair, and now, an Australian woman is accused of a quiche assault.

Franklin Jane Bugmy allegedly became agitated when police showed up at her home to serve her with documents for a previous violence charge. She claimed they were the wrong documents and she wasn’t guilty. I’m having trouble following what exactly happened next. But in Bugmy’s words: “They’re saying I had room to move … I had no room to move. The quiche was thrown down to save my baby from tipping out of the pram.”

In what Bugmy claimed to be self-defense, the 41-year-old charged at the police officer with her stroller and threw a quiche in his face.

I think I need to start carrying more baked goods with me in case I get attacked. It seems like old bagels would be ideal. [Metro UK[Quiche photo from Shutterstock]