When Celebs Go To Coachella…

Huzzah, outdoor music festival season has started! Crowds! Disgusting port-a-potties! Overpriced water! Blistering temperatures! And, oh yeah, tons of awesome bands playing in the same space! Each festival season, this highly lucrative meshing of art and consumerism kickstarts in Indio, California, with the two-weekend-long Coachella Music Festival. Located just a few hours away from Hollywood, Coachella is also where the celebs head to  let down their hair, expose their navals, channel their designer hippie vibe, smoke pot in public, and culturally-appropriate as much as possible. Let’s review who’s been spotted this year thus far, by learning what happens when celebs go to Coachella…

Coachella 2012!
Here's what you're missing. Read More »
Clint Spotted!
What's Clint Eastwood doing at Coachella? And without his chair?! Read More »
R. Kelly + Phoenix
The band and R. Kelly duetted at Coachella this year! Read More »
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