Frisky Poll: What Kind Of Beauty & Fashion Coverage Do You Love?

Here in the beauty and fashion department, we aim to please. When you love a red carpet feature we cheer, and when you hate a Style Stealer, we cry. In an effort to make sure you guys are happy with what kind of content we’re producing, we wanted to open it up and get some feedback from you so that our beauty and style content can better serve your needs and interests. Do you like celebrity style? Want more real-girl style? Looking for more affordable fashion or extravagant beauty? Consider this the “How Am I Doing?” bumper sticker on the back of the big semi-truck that is The Frisky.

We’ve created this handy poll for you to give us some feedback on what you like, and in the coming weeks, will make sure to examine our content to make sure we’re best serving you guys. After all, there is no Frisky without you!

[poll id=”4778″]