Whoops: Woman Robs Bank With Jar Of Pasta Sauce

You can use pasta sauce for a variety of things. You can put it on noodles. On chicken parm sandwiches. You can cover a piece of bread with it and call it Sauce Bread. And you can also rob a bank with pasta sauce as your weapon. That’s exactly what a woman in Clinton Township, Michigan, did last week. The woman, who is believed to be around 60 years old, placed a sack filled with the jar of sauce on the bank’s counter and claimed it was a bomb, before demanding that the bank teller give her money.

The woman then sped off with the cash in an older model car driven by a male companion. The bank called the Michigan State Bomb Squad to remove the package, which contained two jars of spaghetti sauce.

“If you don’t know what’s in a package,” explained  Clinton Township Lt. Eric Reincke, “You have to treat it like it is possibly an explosive device.” It’s not clear how much money she made off with, and police have yet to identify the suspect. But it’s pretty clear what she didn’t have for dinner that night. [Detroit Free Press]