The Gasoline Huffing Bears Of Russia Need Help

Gasoline huffing has become a serious problem for brown bears living on the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russia. The bear population has gotten into the kerosene and gasoline, which is used to power the reserve’s helicopters and generators, and have become addicted. The 1,200 pound creatures have taken to stealing fuel barrels, sniffing them until they get woozy and digging holes to pass out in.

Photographer Igor Shpilenok spent seven months documenting these bears and captured them in various stages gasoline use. According to Shpilenok, some of the bears have become so hard up to feed their addiction that they stalk departing helicopters so they can sniff the fumes at takeoff. That sounds like rock bottom to me. Maybe Jeff VanVonderen or Candy Finnigan can help. No bear deserves to live that way. [The Fixx[Photo credit: Igor Shpilenok]