Style Stealer: Sophia Bush Shows Conservative Can Still Be Funky

How is it that I am actually aware of who Sophia Bush is? I never watched “One Tree Hill” and I’m pretty sure it’s no longer on TV. Oh wait, I just IMDBed her — doing my research, thank you very much – and it seems Sophia is now on a show called “Partners” and there is a reason that she’s still famous. And in this conservative (button-up shirt) and funky (studded shoes and leopard clutch) outfit, Sophia looks to be taking her career seriously, as it seems like the perfect outfit to wear when meeting with your manager and agent to discuss future opportunities. Copycat details after the jump!

Loafers: $40, Aldo
Blazer: $21, LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl’s
Blouse: $19.80. Forever 21
Jeans: $39-$59, Arden B.
Clutch: $40.07, The SAK, Amazon
Watch: $88, La Mer, Shopbop