Mariam, The Bearded Lady, Is Working It

After 20 years of trying to pluck, tweeze, laser and wax the facial hair that appeared after the birth of her son, 49-year-old Mariam finally decided to stop trying to hide her whiskers and let them grow. While unemployed and living alone, she decided to experiment with growing her beard.

“When I decided to let it grow it didn’t feel brave, it was more like a curiosity. I wanted to see what would happen to me. There was a big fear that everyone would turn away and nobody would talk to me anymore,” the bearded lady said during a recent appearance on the UK’s “This Morning.”

What happened was this fu manchu ‘stache and goatee, the growth of which Mariam documented on her blog. She likes her bearded self so much she decided to stay that way forever. Mariam joined a circus and  travels around educating people about the bearded lady phenomenon. Now, after a decade of singlehood and five years with her beard, Mariam’s feeling sexy, confident and ready to find love.

“I know myself more now. There are always people with a fetish who might only be attracted by the beard, but that is the same with lots of things, even if I were a blonde woman,” said Mariam.

I cannot say how awesome I think this is. I love to see a woman owning who she is, whether it be something physical or emotional. The bearded lady inspires me. WERK, Mariam. [Daily Mail UK]