Leave The Goths Alone!

Manchester, home of the original goth Morrissey, is the first city to recognize alternative subcultures as motivation for hate crimes. Just last week the police force announced that it will now be illegal to harass or harm in any way goths, punks and emos. The police were inspired to protect these groups against hate crimes after 20-year-old goth girl Sophie Lancaster was attacked in a Manchester park in 2007 and died.

Just one week after instating the new law, a 16-year-old emo boy was assaulted by a 14-year-old boy and a 44-year-old man.”Officers will be reviewing CCTV and speaking to witnesses in order to investigate this attack thoroughly… the fact we were able to identify this as a hate crime is very positive. We hope this encourages victims to continue to come forward so we can take positive action against offenders,” said the assistant police chief.

That’s right, people. Leave the goths and emo kids alone. And to all the sensitive souls out there who feel misunderstood … SEE! There are people in the world that care about you! Seriously, goths are a peaceful breed. The only people they may wish to harm are themselves. But more or less, they just want to be left alone to wallow their pain and read maudlin poetry. I say this from experience, of course. [Guardian UK]