Gross Things We Do In The Bathroom We’d Never Admit To Doing

Spring Cleaning Week at The Frisky has made it seem like we’re all a couple of Martha Stewarts hoovering Adderall. Lies! While we’re not gross-gross, I do feel it is my duty as a Frisky staffer to present an honest portrait of us: we’re a little gross. Julie’s desk is a wasteland of half-eaten snacks, Ami’s is covered in papers, mine has bagel crumbs stuck to coffee stains, and Amelia’s got a half-drunk plastic cup of red wine on hers that’s been sitting there for days. (Not even sure what that’s about — possibly this?) In conclusion, we probably shouldn’t be lecturing ANYBODY about cleanliness.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, we’re going to — anonymously! — share some gross things we do in the bathroom which we would never admit to doing.

Please don’t tell our mothers.

  • “I dribble pee on the seat a lot. I’m not even sure how that happens. I sit over the bowl.”
  • “I let cat litter stay on the bathroom floor a lot longer than I should.”
  • “I let my hair collect in the drain and then pull it out in one big hairball wad.”
  • “If I run out of t.p., I will take a tissue out of the wastebasket and use that to wipe my crotch.”
  • “Sometimes I talk on the phone when I’m pooping and just hit ‘mute’ at important times.”
  • “I don’t ever seen to notice orange-y/red mold growing on the shower curtain liner until someone else points it out.”
  • “The bath mat has dirt stains because I walk on it wearing my shoes. Kind of defeats the purpose of the bath mat.”
  • “I pluck everything. Not all of it is placed directly into the trash.”
  • “I’ve peed in the shower when my toilet’s been clogged.”

Also, I will have you know that three out of four Frisky staffers confessed to blowing snot rockets in the shower. I don’t know why anyone thought this was gross. THIS IS TOTALLY OKAY.   It’s the shower! And blowing snot rockets is kind of fun, let’s be honest.

What nasty stuff do you do in your bathroom? We won’t tell …

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