Astrology 101: What’s Your Sign’s Approach To Cleaning?

To cap off Spring Cleaning Week, we thought it would be fun to explore the topic of cleaning with an astrological twist. How does each sign go about tidying up the house? Which signs dive into chores with unbridled enthusiasm? Which signs are incapable of doing the dishes without complaining the entire time? Read on to find out!

Aries: Aries doesn’t just do chores, they go on a full blown cleaning rampage. They run around cleaning everything in sight, never stopping to so much as take a breath before it is all done–just be sure stay out of their way!

Taurus: Methodically maps out a cleaning plan complete with specific tasks and timelines. They will diligently work until it is all finished but make sure to take several breaks for snacks.

Gemini: A Gemini will buzz around the house starting 20 different chores in every room. They will get a quarter to halfway done with each one before moving onto the next. This makes it difficult to tell in the end if anything actually got cleaned.

Cancer: Cancers spend lots of time maintaining the tidiness of the main rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom but tend to forget about/ignore their stuffed closets and overfull storage units. Their motto: if other people can’t see it, it doesn’t require cleaning.

Leo: Leos are surprisingly good and thorough cleaners. The problem is they don’t always choose to do it; when they do, it is completely on their terms and to please only themselves. They do love the recognition from others of a nicely cleaned home, though.

Virgo: It’s questionable if a Virgo ever stops cleaning. With keen determination, Virgos pump up the music and systematically clean room by room, dusting and organizing every little thing until it is 100% spotless — and they love every minute of it!

Libra: Libras don’t so much clean as they do straighten up. If they do get the motivation to clean it’s always either because company is coming over or an effort to please their loved ones.

Scorpio: As with everything in life, Scorpio approaches cleaning with intense determination. They take it seriously, focusing on the task with single-minded fervor, and will not rest until everything is thoroughly completed.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius prides themselves on being the best at everything. It is not surprising to find a Sag announcing how perfectly they scrubbed the bathtub and how sparkling clean the dishes are as they go about their daily chores.

Capricorn: Capricorns have assembled a master list of everything that needs to be done. They delegate tasks to each house member using bargaining and bartering tactics. In the end they only do the chores they actually enjoy, and never the ones they detest.

Aquarius: Aquarians have a very specific cleaning schedule that they closely follow and wouldn’t dream of deviating from. Once they’ve settled on their preferred cleaning methods, they stick with it for years.

Pisces: Pisceans tend to put off cleaning for as long as possible. Quite honestly they don’t really see the point, and often consider it a waste of time. When they are faced with cleaning responsibilities, they’re likely to mope while they mop.