Watch Claire Smedley Agonize Over Her 40MMM Boobs

Claire Smedley’s 70 lb. boobs are the biggest in Britain. Currently a size 40MMM, her “big bubbaloobas” are still growing.

As you can imagine, her gargantuan boobs have caused her some issues. The 30-year-old erotic model says she nearly smothered her last boyfriend to death with her chest and she’s frightened she’s going to do the same to her current partner, Chris.

“Chris loves being smothered by my boobs, but I’m always on my guard after what happened last time. Once he’s had enough he’ll tap my leg and I’ll get off. It’s nice to know he appreciates them, but I won’t let things go too far,” she said.

But Chris doesn’t mind. “You can have a lot of fun with them boobs, you can make ‘em clap,” he says.

In addition to her concerns for Chris’ life, Claire also experiences major back problems and skin infections. The mother of three is faced with a difficult decision: get a breast reduction or keep her gigantic breasts, which provide her income.

As her friend at the pub says, “She’s so much more than just, ya know, a big pair of breasts basically.”

It’s a tough call. Maybe Claire should consult Annie, the woman with 102ZZZs.  [The Sun UK]