Total Nightmare: Dentist Pull Out All Of Man’s Teeth Without His Permission

Just thinking about this is giving me chills: Christopher Crist went to Amazing Family Dentist in Indianapolis, Indiana, to have a couple of problem teeth removed. But somehow, the dentist removed 29 of his teeth. He’s now toothless and wondering what the fuck happened. The 21-year-old autistic man was told by his mother to ask for three teeth to be pulled, so it’s unclear just how or why the dentist decided to take out all of his teeth.

And apparently, the dentist who took out all of Crist’s teeth has been cited for removing too many teeth in the past. Another patient named Rose Hill went to the same dentist to have a tooth removed, and ended up with her entire bottom row of teeth removed. When she attempted to go back to the dentist to confront him about his work, he refused to see her and called the police to have her escorted out.

In all, nearly a dozen people have come forward to complain that they had teeth needlessly pulled from the same dentist. In the meantime, Crist and his family are suing the dentist. Hopefully, it’ll provide them with enough money to buy him some dentures. [Fox59]