Sweden Shop Under Fire For Making Employees Reveal Breast Size

A lingerie shop in Sundsvall, Sweden, is in trouble for requiring that employees wear placards revealing their boob size. A Swedish employment tribunal (which sounds more smiley and blond than frightening) found the company guilty of gender discrimination, and awarded employees financial compensation for the gaffe.

The case came about after one employee at the Change boutique complained that she didn’t want to wear a tag with her name, measurement and cup size, and felt that it was humiliating. The company claimed it had intended to use the badges in order to show that their products came in a wide variety of sizes and that it was entirely voluntary. But a former employee claims that it was not: “You receive a document which states that ‘name tag with size is always worn,’ so to me that doesn’t reflect that it was voluntary. It isn’t great when you’re out on town and people greet you with your name and cup size.”

Still, the case provided the perfect opportunity for Fox News to refer to the case as a “tempest in a B-cup,” so there’s that.

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