Confession: I Am An Email Hoarder

For the most part, I’m a pretty neat and tidy gal. I make my bed every morning, my apartment is almost always spotless, and I’m really anal about having a pretty high level of order in all areas of my life. But there is one area in my life where my OCD tendencies are nowhere to be found — my email inbox. The situation is a legit disaster. I only delete emails when I have to, i.e. when my inbox is so full that I can no longer send or receive any messages. The Frisky staff is officially fed up. The task of deleting as much email that has accumulated has become so daunting that I’ve just put it off … until now. Spring Cleaning Week — okay, and the staff’s threats of mutiny — was the excuse I needed to finally face my email hoarding problem head on. This is my journey.