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“Deciding to wear a skirt onstage in September was a personal landmark. It was the first time I had ever worn a skirt in public—and I would be doing so in front of a couple of thousand people. The skirt was a gift from a friend—it was black and leather, and it fit me great. I was worried about playing in it, unsure if it would affect the way I moved. Our set that night wasn’t our best, but it didn’t matter. I was breaking new ground. Accomplishing small goals when transitioning has a cumulative effect. The confidence you gain from reaching one carries you to the next. Face your fears, I say, but choose the right skirt to do it in.”

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace describes her first time wearing a skirt on stage in a really beautiful first-person account of her first year living openly as a woman. I highly recommend reading it if you’re at all interested in gender transitions and relationships. At the end, there’s also an honest Q&A with Laura’s wife, Heather, whose only lament about Laura’s transition is that she didn’t tell her sooner: “It broke my heart to know she’d been going through this on her own for so long.” Seriously, pop over and give it a read. You will be inspired. [Cosmopolitan]

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