12 Things You Should Know About Pad Gardner, The Man Who Wants To Become A Kotex Maxi Pad

Hello there. I’ve spent a good portion of my morning trying to learn all there is to know about Pad Gardner, the guy who is trying to become a pink, disposable maxi pad. To quote Pad’s Tumblr “About Me” section:

“I am a guy that is becoming a pink disposable feminine pad, and later on I will be pressed against a soft vulva for a woman’s period … I have wanted to become a pad since I was 10 years old.”

In my stalking of Pad, I’ve grown quite fond of him. Not fond enough to let him be my pink, Kotex overnight maxi pad, but still, pretty damn fond. After the jump, I’d like to share everything I’ve learned about Pad and I hope you will grow to adore him the way I have.

1. He’s trying to get his legal name changed to “Pad Gardner.” It’s his number one resolution for 2013.

2. He’s trying to set a world record for having the largest pad collection. “Currently I own 1407 pads and 57 packs of pads towards setting a world record for the largest pad collection. I am planning to donate myself and all the pads in the collection to women in need of pads once I have become a pad finally,” he says on his blog.

3. He practices the religion of Yoni Tantra. To quote Pad: “My religion is Yoni Tantra. Yoni Tantra is the worship of the divine Yoni (Yoni means Vagina in Sanskrit). I worship both the Vulva and Uterus by preparing myself to be used for a sacred period as a pink disposable feminine pad.”

4. He identifies as an Otherkin. This community of people think of themselves as mythical creatures who are partially or entirely non-human.

5. He answers questions about himself on his YouTube channel, TheFemininePad. Like, if you’re curious why he prefers to be a pink pad or what he will do after he’s been used, he will be happy to tell you.

6. He’s an activist. Pad is participating in a walk to “promote pad usage, and to prevent [Toxic Shock Syndrome] related to tampon use” next month. He’s also “a massive supporter of LGBT rights.”

7. He is open about his history of sexual abuse. And yes, he sees a therapist and psychiatrist regularly.

8. He’s obsessed with vampires and werewolves. I assume because they are also considered Otherkins.

9. He’s from New York. But now lives in Panama City, Florida where he works as a concession usher at a movie theater.

10. He was a theater major in college. Me too, Pad!

11. He does pad art and photography. This is my favorite piece of his entitled “Hopefully Soon I Will Be In The Pad Pack.”

12. He’s single. There is not a specific woman he wants to be used by during her period at the moment. So … ladies?


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