Oh, Good: Alabama Restricts Abortion Rights Even More

  • Alabama’s governor signed legislation placing more restrictions on abortion providers, including requiring them to have admitting privileges at the local hospital. [Yahoo]
  • Michigan lawmaker House Rep. Tom McMillin, a Republican, said transgender protections “violate the privacy rights of women and children,” saying that bathrooms should have to post signs saying “woman and girls may be confronted there by men who think they are women.”  [Think Progress]
  • On feminist porn and Toronto’s recent Feminist Porn Awards. [The Week]
  • On why everyone needs to stop overanalyzing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hair (if it’s not obvious already). [Slate]
  • Meet Brittany Exline, the youngest black engineer in the country. [Madame Noire]
  • Seattle has the largest wage gap between men and women in the top 50 major cities in America. [Seattle Times]
  • Cases of the STDs syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are on the rise in Utah. Wrap it up, Frisky readers in Utah! [Standard-Examiner]
  • Meet the 100 trans American movers and shakers in the first-ever “trans 100″ list. [Queerty]


  • South Africa has debuted a single dose AIDS treatment drug, which will cost only $10 a month. [Salon]
  • Most women in a Kabul, Afghanistan, prison have been accused of “moral” crimes. [AP]
  • Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died yesterday, wanted to be known for her policies, not her gender. [US News & World Reports]
  • A fourth suspect has been detained in the alleged gang rape last month of an American woman studying in Brazil. [New York Daily News]
  • Watch a drag queen in Amsterdam sing a protest anthem against Russian President Vladmir Putin. [Towleroad]
  • Meet the 26-year-old Irish woman who will be one of the world’s first women to surf the “Jaws” wave in Hawaii. [Irish Central]
  • Check out Toronto’s new feminist film journal. [Torontist]

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