My Sincere Apology To Norman Reedus

Friday afternoons are a little crazy here at The Frisky. In addition to finishing that day’s worth of posts, we’re also busy writing and scheduling content in advance for the weekend, as we don’t want to go completely dark on Saturdays and Sundays, but don’t have the resources for a weekend blogger. We figure you guys are pretty busy on the weekends, what with sleeping in, staying out late, hanging out with friends and catching up on your reading and TV watching, so we keep our posts those days pretty simple. That was basically what I was going for last weekend, when I posted a photo of the actor Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead”) shot by Terry Richardson. While noting the actor’s obvious sex appeal, I had a little laugh at the fact that he had his first name tattooed above his nipple. “Shouldn’t such prime real estate go to tattooing someone else’s name?” I crowed, and then went on my way.

Well, it turns out — as 60+ comments on the post and a tweet from Reedus himself pointed out — Norman is also Reedus’s late father’s name and the tattoo is a tribute to him. WHOOPS. Facepalm. I updated the post as soon as I found out and tweeted an apology to Reedus, but I still didn’t feel like I had done enough to demonstrate how truly sorry I was for my screwup. So I decided to express my regret in a more semi-permanent manner — with an inked apology above my own nipple. In all seriousness, my own dad died last year and I’ve thought of eventually getting my own tattooed tribute to him at some point; I’m vividly aware of what emotions motivate the decision to make a loved one’s impact on you a permanent mark on your body. While I’ve certainly made mistakes in posts before, I feel particularly crappy about this one. While I’m clearly trying to lighten the mood a bit, I hope Norman sees this and accepts my sincere apology. No need to communicate that via tattoo though.

UPDATE: Norman has accepted my apology! And tacos are my favorite food! This is going to be such a beautiful friendship.