Kansas Legislature Advances Scary Abortion Bill

Tiller Clinic To Reopen
South Wind Women's Center
The Kansas abortion clinic operated by Dr. George Tiller will reopen. Read More »
WTF, Topeka?
domestic violence photo
Topeka, Kansas, considers decriminalizing domestic violence. Read More »
No Morning-After Pill!
Kansas advances "conscience" bill to let pharmacists refuse you Plan B. Read More »
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  • The state House of Representatives and Senate of Kansas advanced an anti-abortion bill which defines the beginning of life as “at fertilization,” which Republican Governor Sam Brownback is expected to sign. [Reuters, Feminist.org]
  • On Margaret Thatcher’s hatred of feminism. [Feministing]
  • Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton said she would consider running for office someday. [Capital]
  • In light of President Obama’s comments about the attractiveness of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the Name It Change It campaign points out that when the mainstream media focuses on how attractive a female candidate is, voters flee. [Slate]
  • New York City public schools cannot teach sex ed on campus if the Catholic Church owns their property. [Think Progress]
  • On women’s representation at the Game Developers Conference. [Ms. Magazine]
  • On how trans women are targeted by New York City police for alleged prostitution based on their feminine outfits. [New York Times]
  • Today In Depressing: “men can” versus “women can” Google searches. [Feminist Philosophers]
  • On the “Evil Dead” remake and the infamous tree rape scene. [Bitch Magazine]


  • An inquest into the death of Savita Halappanavar, the woman who died in October when her doctors in Ireland refused to perform an abortion on her during a miscarriage, has finally begun. [Guardian UK]
  • Hidden cameras have recorded Sharia councils in the UK encouraging women to stay in abusive marriages. [BBC]
  • New legislation in the UK could ban midwives who work independently. [Guardian UK]
  • This is the face Russian President Vladmir Putin made when a topless female protester from FEMEN bounced into his face. [Gawker]

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