Extreme Consensual Kidnapping Is A Thing Now

Remember that Michael Douglas movie “The Game,” where Michael Douglas’s loser brother Sean Penn gets him a ticket to “The Game” for his birthday, only “The Game” is some horrible, weird live-action adventure thing where he’s constantly chased and threatened, and ends up in a shack in Mexico? Yeah. I made everyone promise to never “The Game” me after I saw that.

I guess a guy named Adam Thick also saw “The Game,” but it inspired him to start a Genius Biz.com Idea: Extreme Kidnapping.

Based out of Detroit (and I hope the irony isn’t lost on you), Thick and his crew of street toughs and sexy ladies will kidnap the crap out of you for a small onetime fee of $500. Thick, who is a convicted counterfeiter and also a rapper named Mr. Scrillion (natch), has a blog covering his extreme kidnapping exploits, where he writes things like, “It’s practically fall, my favorite time of the year for kidnapping people. The trunk is nice and cool, the leaves are falling, the air is crisp, the basement; spacious.” If this seems like something out of “Daria”‘s “Sick Sad World,” well, yes, it is.

Though the business has been around for a couple of years, it’s gained new attention thanks to a recent GQ feature by writer Drew Magary, who wrote about having himself kidnapped by the service in the mag’s latest issue. Wrote Magary:

I was duct-taped to a chair in three separate places: at my ankles, my thighs, and my chest. There were two henchmen flanking me. Romeo, on my right, was a black guy in a ski mask and no shirt. His torso was larded with tattoos and tiny pockets of baby fat, as if he’d never picked up anything heavier than five pounds. To my left was a white dude named Cody, who sounded like every grown man named Cody.

While Magary knew he was getting kidnapped, we can imagine that this whole plan might go pretty haywire if the kidnapping subject maybe, oh, I don’t know, carried a gun or a knife or something. Thick swears that every kidnap victim has the ability to call off the event with a pre-selected safe word if necessary.

What did Magary get out of the whole thing, aside from being able to hit on ladies by telling them he was kidnapped once? A video of the whole experience, and hours and hours of coerced fun. [GQ]