“Mad Men”‘s Betty Draper Francis Dirty Talks About Rape And It Gets Weird

“Mad Men” is back and the Draper family is still as fucked up as ever. I won’t spoil Don’s heap of neuroses (oh, they still exist), but we need to talk about Betty Draper Francis:

During a weird moment last night in bed with her husband Henry, Betty started to dirty talk. Only it was this passive aggressive, creepy, really inappropriate dirty talk about how Henry might want to rape Sally’s 15-year-old friend, Sandy, who was sleeping in the next room. Spoilers after the jump…

While accusing Henry of admiring the teenaged Sandy as much as her prepubescent son Bobby — to which Henry replies, flirtaciously but also kind of dickishly, “No one would blame me for leaving you for a teenage musician” — Betty replies, “She’s just in the next room. Why don’t you go in there and rape her? I’ll hold her arms down.”

“Betty, what the hell?!” Henry says, speaking on behalf of everyone watching that scene at home. But she doesn’t stop there. Betty then offers to take Sally out of the house if he wants “to be alone with her” and suggests putting a rag in her mouth so their sons can’t hear her scream.

And she says all of this dead serious with a straight face. Viewers have had to forgive a lot of pettiness and bad parenting from Betty Draper over the years, but this was probably the most fucked up scene she’s ever had. It was unnerving for Betty, not just because of her very detailed descriptions of how the rape would occur, but because she justifies herself by saying, “You said you wanted to spice things up.” Um, I know you’re sexually repressed and everything, but fantasizing about the rape of your child’s underage friend is not “spicing things up,” Betty!

I got the sense “Mad Men”‘s most fucked up hausfrau was feeling both bitter and nervous that her new husband wants to spice things up, plus her usual jealousy issues towards all women who might be perceived as more attractive than her. And of course it made me wonder if Betty has some kind of history of sexual assault that we don’t know about that made her come up with such a horrifying scenario.

What did you think of one of the more fucked up things anyone’s said about rape since the world learned the name Todd Akin? Tell us in the comments.

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