You Should Hire Men In Kilts To Clean Your Hard-To-Reach Windows

Men In Kilts window cleaning service is like one of those brilliant ideas you have when you’re drunk, but never follow through on. Only Nicholas Brand of Vancouver, Canada,  actually did follow through. And bless him for doing so. The concept is simple: you hire a professional man in a kilt to clean your windows, your gutters, to do your pressure washing or blast your home exterior. Oh, that all sounds so wrong. I think the website says it best:

“At Men In Kilts we’re committed to doing the job right and delivering what we promise for you. Life is too short not to hire and fun and professional Window & Exterior Cleaning company. We clean. You enjoy. Just remember…No Peeking!”

The higher the window, the better. If there’s a man in a kilt on a ladder, life’s too short not to peek. [Men In Kilts]