The 13 Hottest Baby Names Of 2013 (So Far) & What They Say About US

You can thank “Girls” for this: according to some new baby name study from baby-naming experts Nameberry, Marnie is the top hot new baby name of 2013. Why people would want their kid to share a name with a whiny, self-absorbed, terrible-singing character on an HBO show is beyond me, but there you go. One man’s warbly bitch is another’s cute baby name. After the jump, the rest of Nameberry’s list, and what we imagine might be the motivation behind the sudden rise in popularity of these names.

1. Christian: You conceived in your own personal red room of pain, I guess?

2. Nelly: You knew one of these would be Kardashian-related, right? Kourtney and Scott call baby girl Penelope “Nelly.” Or maybe the rapper has a new album out and we just didn’t know?

3. Mavis: Now that those of us who learned to type on Mavis Beacon are of baby-making age, this name is suddenly appealing.

4. Thor : Yes, we liked that Chris Helmsworth movie, too.

5. Severine: The name of the latest Bond girl, it means severe.

6. Bruce: Was “A Good Day To Die Hard” really that good? (No.)

7. Wilder: You’re hoping your kid can spend 7 years in college, too.

8. Phaedra: You’re hoping you’ve got a future donkey booty entrepreneur on your hands.

9. Linnea: Because you took that graphic design course that one time and really enjoyed the font.

10. Finnegan: So you can pretend you read Joyce.

11. Mingus: Sure, name your baby after a drug-addled jazz virtuoso. You really liked that CD.

12. Marlowe: Sienna Miller named her kid Marlowe, and we always do what Sienna Miller tells us to do.