Astrology 101: High School Yearbook Awards For Each Sign

It’s the most hotly anticipated section of any high school yearbook: the superlatives, or “Most Likely To…” pages, where classmates laud each other for achievements ranging from amazing hair to likelihood of winning a Nobel Peace Prize. We thought it would be fun to give out some of these classic awards to each zodiac sign. Want to know what your sign won? Read on to find out, and then frantically compare the results with your friends!

Best Laugh: Taurus

Most Likely To Invent Something: Aquarius

Biggest Sweetheart: Cancer

Most Dramatic: Leo

Best Party Planner: Virgo

Most Likely To Become A Millionaire: Capricorn

Best Excuses For Tardiness: Gemini

Most Creative: Pisces

Biggest Gossip: Aries

Most Likely To Keep A Secret: Scorpio

Biggest Flirt: Libra

Most Opinionated: Sagittarius