21 Of Our Most Ridiculous Airhead Moments

We’re smart, educated, resourceful, professional women. We enjoy dense novels, philosophical debates, avant garde films, and read more than just the Style Section of The New York Times. But we are not immune to the occasional — okay, somewhat frequent — airhead moment. Here are 20, err, I mean 21 of our most ridiculous recent brain farts. Share your own DUHHHS in the comments.

  1. “Why isn’t this gadget/appliance/doo-dad not turning on? It’s broken! It must be broken! Or it’s just unplugged. Duh.”
  2. “I have been known to lose valuables, only to discover them in the freezer.”
  3. “Looking everywhere for my keys when they’re in my hands.”
  4. “When I’m thinking really hard and not paying attention, I walk into walls.”
  5. “This one time, I asked a classmate of mine if the fur she was wearing was faux, only I pronounced it ‘fox.’ When she said yes, I responded with relief, ‘Oh good, I thought it was real!’ She looked at me like I was the biggest moron.”
  6. “If you asked me to identify all 50 states on a map, I would probably be able to correctly label 10 of them. And that’s being generous.”
  7. “Pushing up my glasses on my face when I’m not actually wearing glasses, so I just creepily touch my face.”
  8. “Here’s a selection of places I’ve found my Roku remote/cellphone/glasses: the refrigerator, the medicine cabinet, on top of my rice cooker, under my cat’s bed.”
  9. “I’m sure this happens to everyone, but I am constantly typing into the wrong chat boxes, so I will tell my boss “OMG LOL I really have to poop” or something STUPIDDDD and not even notice.”
  10. “Last week, I spent half a day with headphones on … and no music.”
  11. “Sometimes I can’t remember to spell the simplest of words. I call it ‘Flowers for Algernon’-ing.”
  12. “I occasionally go into a panic looking for my sunglasses before realizing they’re on the top of my head.”
  13. “Many times, I’ve been in my own universe and not paying attention, and gotten on the wrong train. I won’t realize it until my stop is skipped. One time I did this and ended up in the middle of Queens. I don’t live in Queens!”
  14. “I have definitely put my shoes on the wrong feet before.”
  15. “My family still makes fun of me because this one time I was mixing meatloaf batter with a table knife.  I don’t know why I didn’t use a spoon.”
  16. “I failed the driving portion of my driver’s test by turning left on a no-left turn.”
  17. “Shirt inside out, shoes on wrong feet, earrings that don’t match.”
  18. “I was watchingTV recently with a few friends, and there was a scene where geese were flying around a park. I guffawed and said, ‘Geese can’t fly!’ Everyone in the room was like, ‘Dude, what is wrong with you?'”
  19. “I often walk or drive to very specific places with very specific goals in mind (such as going to the bank to deposit a check) and forget the one thing I needed (such as the check).”
  20. “A lot of times I put my headphones on and listen to soft and fuzzy music for awhile before realizing they’re not plugged into my computer.”
  21. “When I was a kid, I wasn’t paying attention while I was on an escalator and it ATE MY SHOE.”