This Petite Meller Video “Stevie Jobs” Is Mindblowingly Terrible

A few years ago, this British series called “Nathan Barley” (it’s hilarious, seriously, check it out) featured a plot line about a young pop singer with a track called “Bad Uncle.” It was hilariously bad and super funny. I thought of it today when I watched the new video from atrocious “singer” Petite Meller (yup) called “Stevie Jobs.” Does the song feature her writhing provocatively on a large computer mouse whilst badly singing “put your finger on my application”? A bunch of models dressed in Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck and tennis shoes? A supersized computer keyboard and a rapper that pays homage to the McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” jingle? You betcha. All that and more.

I watched it hoping that it was some kind of self-aware, campy parody. I went back and looked at the email sent to me directly by Petite, but couldn’t find a whiff of irony. I’m afraid that “Stevie Jobs” is as shamelessly fucking bad as it seems. Which of course makes it endlessly watchable. [YouTube]