Tanning Mom Supports The Anti-Tanning Law She Inspired, Continues To Be Amazing

My obsession with Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil grows stronger with every passing public appearance. Her latest is this gem of a TMZ interview where she responds to New Jersey’s newly instated “Tan Mom Law,” which requires anybody under the age of 17 to have a parent or legal guardian present when using a tanning bed.  In addition, it requires the legal guardian and underage tanner sit through a consultation together about the risks of tanning. Also, it states that children under the age of 14 can’t get a spray tan. (What are all those “Toddlers & Tiaras” contestants going to do?)

Of course, this law was inspired by Tanning Mom who was accused of taking her fair-skinned five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed with her. As per usual, Tanning Mom’s got an “I don’t give a damn” attitude and the frosted lip gloss to match. She now allegedly hates tanning and would never tan again or let her daughter tan. My only disappointment is that she’s not wearing a bow, but she makes up for it with one-liners like, “Sun glow … you’re happy, burned … you’re fried.” New motto for life? [Dlisted]