“Romance Pants” Are The Clapper Of Sex

Putting smooth jazz on the stereo, lighting scented candles, dimming the lights; these seduction techniques seem like so much extra work when you consider the latest innovation in hands-free mood setting. “Romance Pants,” a Red Bull Creation entry by Team Instructables, will take the seduction game to a whole new level. These jeans may look ordinary, but they are rigged with gizmos that allow the button and zipper to control the electronics in your apartment.

Unbutton the pants and brigade of candles light themselves on fire. Unzip those suckers and  sensors signal the lights to dim and the stereo volume to turn up. They are like pants equivalent of The Clapper, which the lazy person in me marvels at. But the neurotic part of me is thinking about all the ways in which one could accidentally set their apartment on fire. Like, by going pee and unzipping too fast. Also, let’s not pretend like a belt buckle wouldn’t be a turn off in and of itself. [Beta Beat]