Coco Shows Off Her Lady Lumps

Today, I had a long discussion with The Frisky ladies about “lady lumps” — that term from the Black Eyed Peas song “My Humps.” I have wondered for years now if “lady lumps” are boobs or butt and nobody has ever been able to answer me definitively. Julie thinks “lady lumps” are boobs, but looking at the picture of Coco in her new bathing suit contraption, I’m having an “I’ll know lady lumps when I see them” moment. I feel fairly certain that “lady lumps” are butt cheeks.

“Flexing the top of my booty muscle.. see dedication pays off. #legs #muscle = Power,” said Coco of this photo.

Also, she’s thinking about getting into body building and I wonder if she’ll wear this to the beach. That is all.[Daily Mail UK]