Harvard Students Protest Tyga’s Concert Over Sexist Lyrics

  • Rapper Tyga is booked for the Yardfest concert this month on Harvard’s campus — but not if over 1,000 students, who have signed a petition requesting him not to perform for the school on the basis of his sexist and violent lyrics, get their way. In particular, the song “Rack City” is problematic for its profligate use of the word “bitch” and lyrics comparing himself to a pimp making a woman “hop the boulevard / I need my money pronto.” [Harvard CrimsonSalon]
  • In related news, Talib Kweli told a HuffPost Live segment that Rick Ross is “misguided” and should apologize for rapping about drugging a woman and raping her. Ross kinda sorta apologized already, but not really, because he just blamed women for “misunderstanding” him. [Madame Noire]
  • The Dallas Mavericks owner said he would be willing to draft Brittney Griner, a 6’8″ player for the Baylor women’s basketball team, to his team in the NBA. Presently there is no rule which says the NBA can’t draft a woman. [ESPN]
  • Karen Finney, the first African-American spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, has joined MSNBC as a new talk show host. [NewsOne]
  • A housekeeper for UNC-Chapel Hill has won a lawsuit against the school, which failed to protect her — and perhaps even punished her — for getting her supervisor fired for sexual assault and verbal threats. [ABC Local]
  • On Awkwafina, a Korean-Chinese-American female rapper. [Feministing]
  • The New York Times has sought to explain that sexist obituary which ran about rocket scientist Yvonne Brill. [NYmag.com]
  • Actress Diahann Carroll on breaking barriers as an African-American woman in television. [MAKERS]
  • Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, a Man Booker Prize-winning novelist and Oscar-winning screenwriter, died at age 85. [The Daily Beast]


  • Four sisters in India have been the victims of acid attacks by two men on motorbikes. Acid attacks, which disfigure and scar women, are a form of violence against women. [Feminist.org]
  • On the rape crisis in Syria. [The Atlantic]
  • On sexism at the Canadian-American border. [Rabble]
  • Pope Francis spoke out today on the “fundamental” value of women in the Catholic Church. [Yahoo]
  • Crackdowns continue on Jewish women who seek to pray at the Western Wall. [Forward]

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