Chinese Woman Stages Her Own Funeral While Alive So She Could “Enjoy It”

A lot of people are curious about what it might be like at their own funeral. Who’d show up? What would they say? Would there be fondue at the wake? Important questions that most of us will never be able to answer. Except for Chinese student Zeng Jia, who staged her own friggin’ funeral while still  alive so she could “enjoy it.” Morbid much? 

Zeng Jia, who clearly had some cash to burn, spent a buttload of money to stage her service, buying tons of flowers and even having a life size poster of herself made. Zeng spent an hour in the coffin while friends and family eulogized her before rising “from the dead” to hang out with funeral goers at the wake.

‘It struck me that people spend all that time and effort on someone when they are gone and they cannot appreciate it,” she said. “I wanted to see what people would think of me so I decided to hold my funeral while I could enjoy it.”

And also: “Experiencing death has made me appreciate life more keenly. I feel so good living after coming out of the coffin.” Well, yes, we’d imagine. [Metro UK]

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