5 Things We Learned At The “Game Of Thrones” Exhibit

Yesterday, Amelia and I went to the traveling “Game of Thrones” exhibition, because we are queen nerds who love nerding out about Khaleesi, Jon Snow, Cersei and the rest of the gang. The “GoT” exhibit’s made a major splash in NYC, with people lining up down the street and around the block for the chance to sit upon the Iron Throne. Amelia and I are super impatient, so I called up the exhibit’s organizers and got press passes so we could cut the line. After today, the collection goes to Sao Paulo, Brazil; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Belfast, Ireland, so if you’re in any of those spots, check it out. If not, we’ve got five important tidbits we learned during our visit…

1. People will wait forevs to get their picture taken on that stinkin’ throne. Like all day. Which makes sense, because the Iron Throne makes anyone and everyone look like a total HBIC (that’s head bitch in charge, natch).

2. Peter Dinklage, aka Lord Tyrion, is actually not that short. Like, it wouldn’t be that odd-looking for him to date me or Rachel.

3. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenarys “Khaleesi” Targaryen is very wee. Very, very wee. So is Jon Snow, surprisingly.

4. The costumes are all hand-tooled and fashioned down to the tiniest detail. For instance, Ygritte’s snow boots? They’re fur-covered boots with antlers attached at the bottom to act as gripping cleats. The Uggs of Westeros!

5. The Iron throne inspires marriage proposals. I hope these two have a Dothraki ceremony, complete with horse eating and dragon eggs.

Catch season 3 of “Game of Thrones” Sunday nights at 9/8 c.

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