Ryan Cabrera Gets Ryan Gosling’s Face Tattooed On His Leg

  • Z-list pop singer Ryan Cabrera got a portrait of Ryan Gosling’s face tattooed on his leg. Cabrera, in case you are wondering, dated Ashlee Simpson way back in the day. Anyway, this bromance is cute but personally worrying: don’t give Amelia any ideas, please. [US Weekly]
  • Shain Gandee, the star of MTV’s reality show “Buckwild” who was found dead yesterday, died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. [The Wrap]
  • Pixar is coming out with “Finding Dory,” a sequel to “Finding Nemo” starring Dory the fish, who is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. [Fox News]
  • Today In Ickiness: the insurance provider for John Travolta’s production company paid out $80,000 last year to at least two sexual assault claims last year, Gawker has discovered. The actor has repeatedly been accused of sexual assault/abuse from male employees for years. [Gawker]
  • Magic Johnson’s gay son Earvin John III is our new imaginary gay BFF. (He’ll only be imaginary until we make him our real gay BFF.) [TMZ]
  • Check out “No Guns Allowed,” a new music video by Snoop Lion (née Dogg), Drake, and Snoop’s daughter about gun violence. It’s actually quite touching. [Idolator]
  • Professional country singer Julie Roberts blind-auditioned for “The Voice” … and didn’t make the cut. [Taste Of Country]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s country house has 10 bedrooms in it. How many bedrooms does your country house have, chap? [The Daily Beast]
  • Pizza Hut is rolling out a new pizza called “Crazy Pizza Crust,” which is a regular pizza surrounded by a crust of 16 pockets filled with cheese. “That’s stuffed-crust pizza!” Julie just yelled at me. “Stop calling it a pizza innovation when it’s not a pizza innovation!” [CBS News]
  • This chick lives in a commune so you don’t have to. [xoJane]

[Photo: Getty/US Weekly]