Lindsay Lohan Freaks Out The World By Announcing She’s Pregnant

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan tweeted out “It’s official. Pregnant” in what was intended to be an April Fools’ Day joke. The only problem? This being Lindsay Lohan, she tweeted it at 12:35 am, a full five minutes after the day was over, prompting concerned fans and media from around the world to collectively gasp in horror. The British press in particular initially reported the story as true, until they realized that Lohan was likely pulling a prank. (Phew!) I’m sure her boyfriend, Avi Snow, of the band City of the Sun, loved that. (Unrelated: Does anybody else pine for the simple days of Lohan’s relationship with Sam Ronson? Because I do.)

To add insult to fake baby injury, Lohan was photographed this week slumped under a table in Brazil. She’s supposed to report for rehab (one where allegedly she’ll be allowed to continue to take Adderall, ha!) this week. [The Independent]