John Wilson Teaches Cancer Survivors To “Always Keep Pedaling”

Fighting cancer is difficult for anyone, but especially for people who lead particularly active lives before their diagnoses. John Wilson was an avid hiker, biker and basketball player before being diagnosed with Epithelioid sarcoma in 2006. A rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer, treatment required that Wilson’s left leg be amputated. Undaunted, within months, Wilson was back to some of his favorite activities, and quickly realized the therapeutic power of sports and nature. In 2010, he founded the AKP — Always Keep Pedaling — Foundation, dedicated to helping other cancer survivors regain their zest for life via outdoor adventure activities. “At AKP we believe that the best way to build confidence is to take healthy risks,” says Wilson.”The purpose of the AKP Foundation is to build the confidence of young adults who have suffered physically altering trauma due to cancer by helping them find adventure through adaptive sports.” Twice a year, Wilson and AKP host a retreat, inviting young cancer survivors who might not otherwise have the means or access, to come together and bond while taking part in fun physical activities like skiing and biking. The experience has been life-changing, and many participants say that it’s what’s helped them move on from surviving to really living again. I dare you to get through this video without tearing up. And to find out how you can help cancer survivors¬†click here.¬† [AKP Foundation]