Gigi Chao Responds To Dad’s Million Dollar Offer To Marry His Lesbian Daughter & Make Her Straight

  • Remember Gigi Chao? She’s the lesbian daughter of Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao who offered millions to a man to marry her into heterosexuality?  While many offered, all were refused.  Gigi Chao is sticking with her female partner of seven years, Sean Ev.  Chai recently appeared on the cover of Hong Kong Tatler, where she displayed a great deal of humor and grace when talking about Cecil Chao, the many marriage offers and helping others come out in conservative Hong Kong. [After Ellen]
  • Men are faster at changing diapers, according to a new study, and there’s a new argument that suggests economic growth if they actually stay home and put that skill to use.  Hence why The New York Times Magazine has an article out discussing the merits of paid paternal leave. [New York Times Magazine]
  • At this rate the Kansas State Legislature will continue to hold a spot on my shit list for another week: the state House of Representatives is pushing forward an abortion bill that would place new restrictions on current abortion providers and change the state constitution to stipulate that life begins at conception.  Left OUT of the bill, and deemed Republicans as “little gotcha amendments,” abortion exceptions for rape and incest.  I have no words. [ThinkProgress]
  • Not to be outdone in restrictive laws, North Dakota, Arkansas and Texas have all introduced laws to block a federal grant for a sex education program for teens who are homeless or in foster programs. Charming. [Huffington Post]
  • In more positive news, a slew of programs and organizations are popping up to encourage girls to enter the terribly masculine tech industry at a young age.  Everything from Girls Who Code, and Girl Develop It, may help close the tech world gender-gap. [New York Times]
  • There’s an interesting read on Feministing about the similarities between disgusting rape lyrics by rapper Rick Ross and “Mad Men”‘s Don Draper. [Feministing]


  • Across the pond, British artist Graham Ovenden has been convicted of one count of assault and six counts of indecency with children involved in his art dating back to around 40 years. [BBC]

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