Butt-Baring Woman Drunkenly Battles Ex & Neighbor With Papayas

A Vero Beach, Florida, woman was arrested after throwing papayas and exposing her nether regions to her neighbors last month. According to a statement she made to police, Suzanne Evlarina Wasden, 49, said an ex-boyfriend came to her home “looking for birthday sex” (TYPICAL) and she became incensed.  Wasden, who was pretty drunk, wasn’t interested, and went over to her 16-year-old neighbor’s trailer to ask for a beer and a cigarette.  When the teen failed to comply, butt drama ensued.

Fed up with the whole lot of them, she pulled down her pants and exposed her butt. But why don’t I let Florida weird news journo Will Greenlee explain it for you? “Informally known as ‘mooning,’ exposing one’s buttocks is a practice often intended as a sign of defiance or disrespect.” With her pants around her ankles, Wasden began throwing papayas at her ex-boyfriend and the teenager.

According to an affidavit from the 16-year-old neighbor, Wasden exposed “everything and that was something that none of us wanted to see.”

Wasden was booked on misdemeanor disorderly intoxication charges and is expected to appear in court today, hopefully without any papayas in tow. [Raw Story]