8 Style Lessons From “Beverly Hills, 90210″

Anyone who was a teenager in the early ’90s spent Wednesday nights glued to FOX awaiting the latest episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210.” The adventures of Brenda and Brandon Walsh and their stylish cohorts Kelly, Donna, Dylan and David were the subject of many a teen fantasy.

When it came to their clothes, accessories and hairstyles, it would be remiss to say that the kids of West Beverly High weren’t major style influencers. We dare you to tell us one ’90s teen who didn’t die for Kelly Taylor’s wispy bangs (or red Beemer, for that matter) or Brenda Walsh’s cowboy boots.

Even though their looks may feel a little dated now, there are some takeaways that we shouldn’t ignore. Here, eight style lessons that we can still enjoy, with or without the vintage Porsche. Read more…