“The Walking Dead” Season 3 Concludes With A Bang

Don’t get your panties in a bunch — I’ve learned my lesson from prior recapping experiences and won’t be giving away any “Walking Dead” season finale spoilers before the jump on this post. If you click on and see something you didn’t want to see, you have only yourself to blame!

What does it say about me that I found Merle’s death last week more heartbreaking than Andrea’s death this week? Is that a sign that I’m a bad feminist? Or is it perfectly reasonable that I found Andrea intolerable since episode one of this show? Anyway, ever since Andrea met the Governor and chose him over Michonne, I’ve been sure that the show would find a way to redeem her and then kill her off, as they had also attempted with other unlikable characters like Merle and Laurie. Alas, for poor Andrea — who missed a couple opportunities to kill the One-Eyed Gov and fought annoyingly and tirelessly for a “peaceful” resolution between Woodbury and the prison, and was imprisoned in his torture room as a thank you — it was not to be. The Gov stabbed former “advisor” Milton and left him in the room with Andrea, so that she would eventually be devoured by him when he turned into a walker. In the end, a wrench Milton had left hidden for Andrea, allowed her to escape from her cuffs in time to drive something shark through Walker Milton’s skull — but not before he bit her, and in a place that couldn’t be sawed off like Grandpa Herschel’s leg.

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As for the Governor? He’s mad as hell that his soldiers left the prison and didn’t stay back and fight. When they dare to suggest it was more of a slaughter than a fight, the Governor silences them — by mowing every single man and woman down, with the exception of his two henchman, who look on and do nothing. Seriously, what are these dudes thinking? It’s just the three of you now, and your boss is a crazy, scary motherfucker. I don’t have much hope for these sheep.

One woman manages to play dead and escape and she’s found by Rick and crew. She joins them back at the prison, as do all the other survivors left behind at Woodbury. So the prison is basically a day care center and old folks home now? I’m excited to see how that pans out in season four. Let the supply runs for Gerber baby food and adult diapers begin!