India.Arie Responds To Skin Bleaching Accusations: “I Have No Desire To Bleach Myself”

Has India.Arie been bleaching her dark skin to a lighter color?!?! That didn’t sound right to me when tongues started wagging last week that the famously self-accepting singer behind the song “I Am Not My Hair” might have either used skin bleaching creams — which is notoriously terrible for skin — or purposefully been lightened through the magic of Photoshop a la Beyoncé or Freida Pinto.

The alleged evidence was the artwork for her new single “Cocoa Butter” off the album Songversation, in which Indie.Arie is leaning against a beige wall and her normally-Serena-Williams-colored skin is more of a Kim Kardashian hue.

But Indie.Arie responded on Twitter on Friday and told us all to chill:

The word “colorism” that Indie.Arie referred to is the concept that within communities of people of color, favoritism is shown towards those who are lighter skinned. Colorism is one of the reasons that some people of color choose to bleach their skin.

I’m glad to hear that Indie.Arie hasn’t lightened her beautiful skin and that it’s only the way the photography was shot. Still, I’m not a photographer, but I’m curious whether all “good lighting” results in a lightening a darker complexion.

[ via Clutch Magazine]
[Clutch Magazine]

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