How The Internet Is Celebrating April Fools’ Day

Hey, incase you forgot, it’s April Fools’ Day, the day in which the internet spends a portion of its marketing budget on ridiculous pranks! Let’s review how various websites and brands are playing “Gotcha!” this year…

1. Netflix Has Some Unique Movie Picks For You

2. Twitter Is Banning Vowels And Charging $15 To Use Them

3. Sony Is Making Headphones For Cats

4. Metafilter Is Now Metafilterest And All Of Their Content Is Presented With Adorable Pictures Of Cats

5. YouTube Says It Was Only Ever A Contest To Find The Best Video & Is Shutting Down

6. Google Has Added A “Search By Smell” Feature Called Google Nose

7. Virgin Is Making A Glass-Bottomed Plane

8. Birchbox Is Making Birchbox For Actual Boxes

9. Scope Is Making Bacon Mouthwash

10. The Army Is Going To Start Weaponizing Cats

11. The UK’s Guardian Is Making Glasses That Allow Readers To See Only Content They Agree With

12. GoogleMaps Has Added A Treasure Hunt Feature

13. American Eagle Outfitters Is Selling Spray-On Skinny Jeans

14. FEI, The International Governing Body Of Horse Sport, Comes Out In Support Of Gay Horses

15. Gmail Launches Gmail Blue