Elderly Couple Weds 60 Years After Their Parents Forbid Them From Getting Married

Eileen Lockley and Warner Billington met when they were in high school. The couple dated and fell in love, and wanted to get married, but Eileen’s father thought she was too young to wed and forbid it.

When Billington went into the airforce, Lockley wrote him every day, but eventually the couple drifted apart. Soon after, they both met the people they would eventually marry. And in both cases, they were married for more than 50 years before their spouses passed away.

“We both had very happy marriages but anyone who tells you that they don’t remember their first love is fibbing,” said Billington.

When Lockley found out that Billington’s wife had died, she called him to offer her condolences. The pair took up correspondence, and 58 years after their breakup, they rekindled their romance.

“Both Eileen and I often wondered about what might have happened if things had worked out differently. But we don’t dwell on it now,” said Billington.

Sixty years after they first met, the couple finally got married in front of friends and their chidren. “We have simply picked up where we left off. It’s like being teenage sweethearts all over again,” said Lockley. [Daily Mail UK]