Sea Lion Pal Takes Up Residence In A Resort Beach Chair

Guests at the Pantai Inn in La Jolla, California, had an unexpected visitor earlier this week, when a sea lion pup wandered up off the beach and took up residence in one of the resort’s outdoor pool chairs. The lion lounged about for a while, before handlers from the local SeaWorld showed up to humanely remove the animal. According to the surveillance video, the sea lion went on quite an adventure. She traveled from the ocean, up a flight of stairs, crossed a major road and then meandered into the hotel courtyard.

The lady lion was taken to Sea World’s Animal Care Complex before eventually being released back into the wild. As adorable as an unexpected sea lion visit might be, it’s also a troubling indication of habitat destruction and over-development. According to reports, more than 200 local wild animals have popped up in unlikely places since the beginning of this year — up from last year’s numbers. [Huffington Post]